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Brazilian Waxing

Why you should keep waxing:

During the fall, when your body tends to be covered up, it might be tempting to stop your waxing routine, but before you do that, here are four reasons you should continue your waxing routine through the cold season.

1. Your Hair is Still Growing!

Regular waxing encourages your hair to grow at the same pace and length. So, if you stop waxing, you must set up a new routine when you start again. Continuing your waxing routine throughout the fall and winter means your spring and summer waxing sessions will be much easier.

2. Your Skin Will be Healthier

While you no longer have the sun to irritate your skin and make it sensitive, you do have cold, dry air and hot, dry air heaters to cause issues. It's widespread for flaking, tightening of the skin, and other damage to occur simply because of the drier conditions. Waxing exfoliates your skin, allowing new, healthier cells to grow and increasing blood circulation to the surface.

3. Less Pain!

As our skin isn't exposed to the sun and its effects during the winter, waxing during the fall and winter will be less painful because your skin isn't as irritated. Further, the more you wax, the less painful it is.

4. Preventing the Need for Shaving on Those Special Occasions

You might want to show off your legs, whether it's Halloween or Thanksgiving. If you aren't keeping up your waxing routine, you might be tempted to shave, but this not only will ruin the effect of waxing throughout the warmer season but also increase the chance of painful ingrown hairs.
A simple action can ruin all the effort of setting up a routine.

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