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Brazilian Waxing

At Creative Cuts Plus, we pride ourselves on our expertise in Brazilian bikini waxing. Read what our resident waxing expert, Marly, has to say about the process:

"Being Brazilian, I grew up knowing about waxing, how good it is for the skin, and how long it lasts. There is no itching and it saves you time in the shower because you don't need to shave. It's easier to enjoy your vacation because you don't need to lose time shaving. Brazilian bikini waxing is especially good for when you're in a warm climate, like on a cruise, because you're in the pool all day.

When you wax, there are no bumps, no cuts, and no itching! It's just a pleasure. And it lasts over five weeks, depending on what kind of hair you have, depending on the season, and whether you have good or poor circulation. The best thing about waxing instead of shaving is that the more often you wax instead of shave, less and less hair grows back. Your hair gets less coarse and that makes it not grow back as often. So you can space out those appointments, and eventually, one day, you won't have hair!"

At our salon, we ensure for an optimum Brazilian waxing experience. We feature private waxing rooms (with doors, not just curtains!) and take careful measures for maximum sanitation. We use the specially formulated Gigi line to help soothe waxed areas, and we educate our clients on what they should do in order to get the most out of their Brazilian waxing experience.

Our Brazilian waxing services start at just $50. Take advantage of our website deal and save money on a first-time wax at our salon!

To better understand Brazilian waxing, take a look at  Then enter site & click on the "Video" link, & watch the Opra Video...

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