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Undoing Your Hair Dye Disasters!

Corrective Color

So, you bought a box of hair dye down at your local supermarket or pharmacy. You thought the color was a bit of an outrageous change, but you wanted to try it anyway – so you did, and now you’ve got some serious brassiness going on, or worse yet, you’ve got neon yellow or fire-engine red hair! You’re at a loss. You don’t want to use hair color remover as it will essentially bleach your hair and then you’ll just have to re-dye it again. Is there anything you can do?

Thankfully, the answer is yes!  Creative Cuts Plus provides professional color correction services.  Hey, sometimes we all take matters into our own hands, but with color, you really have to be careful.  Why?  Because a great color can literally take years off of a person's looks, but a bad one can just make you look worse! 

Well, the good news is that we can fix anything.  So don't feel like your situation is hopeless.  Let us fix your problem today and show you why making Creative Cuts Plus your personal color expert will be one of the best decisions you make all year.  

Just look at the color wheel at the top of this page. Color wheels show all kinds of different shades - if you're trying to "create" a certain look, it's just not as easy as going down to CVS and picking out your new color.  Corrective hair coloring uses principles of opposite shading.  If your hair came out too ashy or greenish, what will correct it?  If it’s too red, what can you do to make it more like ash brown?

I'll tell you what you can do.  Pick up the telephone and call us!

One last thing that you want to keep in mind with color correction is the time element. Most salon professionals agree that there is a 48-72 hour window before the color locks change into the hair cuticle – or in other words, you have two to three days to safely undo your hair color disaster.

Don’t leave your color correction up to chance! Come in to Creative Cuts Plus and our trained professionals will do whatever they can to make you happy with your hair again.

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