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Over 80% of salon clients have trouble re-creating a new style after they leave a salon!

Yes, you’re not alone. You go to the salon, and when you leave, your hair looks great.  But when you get up the next day, you can’t figure out what’s going on.

It can be pretty frustrating.

So, what I’d like to do today is give you some ideas on why this may be happening to you. Of course, everyone’s circumstances are certainly unique, but there are some common mistakes that most people make that you may be making as well.

Common Mistake #1:  Are you using the same salon styling product? When you’re at the salon, you should always ask what product the stylist is using on your hair. This makes a big difference! If you have fine hair, a mousse, foam, or spray gel works well in most cases. If you have medium to coarse hair, a gel or glaze will give you more control and strength. You get the picture? We train our stylists to make sure they tell you what products we are using and why. That’s one of the differences between a professional and an amateur. Common Mistake #2:  Are you using too much product or too little? Is your hair too heavy or oily? Or is it feeling overly soft or wispy? The amount of product you use can cause either to be true. Common Mistake #3:  What about Hair Spray? Here are a couple of rules of thumb. If you have a hairstyle that should stay in place – get a Firm Hold spray. If you like to play with your hairstyle during the day – go with Flexible hold. If you just need some control or have very fine hair – go with a Light spray. Common Mistake #4:  Improper blow-drying techniques This is a big one. It may be as simple as you starting to blow-dry when your hair is too wet, or just using the force of the blow dryer in the wrong direction. But there are a lot of things that can go wrong here if you don’t know what you’re doing. Bottom line: if you’re having trouble re-creating that salon look, let us help you out. We’re here to teach you how to look your best. Most likely, you’re only in the salon once every 35 days. So, let us help you look good for the other 34 days!

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