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Fun beauty tips for you!

Make-up and hair should work together!  Lighter hair requires softer make-up. Avoid dark lipsticks, black around your eyes and go for a bright blush.

Looking for low maintenance hair but can’t stand looking at your grays?  Try highlights, they cover gray and blend in great with white and silver

Did you know that having an all over color then adding highlights can actually quadruple the thickness of your hair and add texture for easier styling?

Try ceramic tools over metal ones because it helps reduce “frying”.

If your hair is coarse, gray or just hard to smooth try a boar-bristle brush; it helps grab the hair causing dramatically smoother hair when blown dry.

Ridges on your nails are like wrinkles on your skin, the more you age the more you get.  Don’t worry though, using a buffer block can gently smooth out the nail surface. Be careful not to buff too often because that causes thinning and weakening of nails.

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